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Duct Tape RepStrap

Release status: stable

An attempt to use duct tape to build a working printer instead of using 3D printed parts
CAD Models
none needed
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The researchers Alistair and Carl build the Duct Tape RepStrap. The Duct Tape RepStrap is an experiment in bootstrapping a working 3D printer without initially having any 3D-printed plastic parts; substituting a few small bits of MDF and a lot of duct tape for the 3D printed plastic parts.

The goal is to hold together long enough to print the most critical replacement plastic part at horrible quality (but better than duct tape), and gradually bootstrap using the Ship of Theseus approach to a fairly good-quality 3D printer.

What can duct tape stand in for?

  • Main structure: Y
  • Motor mounts: Y
  • Holding the print bed on: Y
  • Electrical tape: Y
  • Holding together the X and Y axis: Y
  • Holding together the Z axis: Not exactly but cheap DIY materials suffice.
  • The print mechanism carriage: Y
  • The extruder: N

The printer is complete and can do simple prints. Due to time restrictions no more videos will be posted for a very long time. For help or for more information contact Alistair on YouTube (His favorite hang-out) at RantAndSlander

The current version of this printer is driven by the Printrboard using Sprinter firmware.

Do we really need *all* the standard Prusa plastic parts to get good quality? Or is duct tape an adequate replacement for many parts? Answer: Duct tape triumphs again

Rough draft -- please help fill in details

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