Darwin's Successful Elements, Worldwide

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One of the major considerations of this project is accessibility. We must design from components and features that are available worldwide. Elements of Darwin's design which achieved this are listed below:


  • L298 Drivers
  • 2004 drivers for unipolar motors
  • Skater bearings
  • MDF sheet
  • #10 (4.5mm) ball chain drive
  • Sanguino
  • M8 threaded rod drive (or 5/16" for the Yanks)
  • Fire cement
  • PTFE rod in the extruder
  • Screw terminals


  • The angled threaded drive on the extruder
  • The caged PTFE section in Ian's extruder
  • The captive nuts in the Z axis
  • Swappable head mount
  • Printing templates for MDF cutting

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