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RepRap 1.0 "Darwin" Z Stage Construction

These pages are under construction.

This page, and those to which it links, are part of a comprehensive guide to making the Z (vertical) axis for the first release of the RepRap machine: RepRap 1.0 "Darwin". However since Darwin is not yet complete, neither are these instructions :)


Instructions and all necessary data are available completely free under the GNU General Public Licence from this website to everyone.

The platform on which items are constructed only moves along the vertical, or "Z" axis. Most motion is in the X & Y directions, though the head is moved towards and away from the workpiece as construction proceeds. The object is built in notional 0.5mm layers, and this accuracy is achieved by the means of 4x440mm M8 screw threads placed vertically along the edges of Darwin's cubic framework.

More stuff


Belt Gears

In order to exactly fit a range of types of belt and still be readily reproducable, Darwin utilises gears moulded from Polymorph using the belt itself to provide an imprint for the gear teeth.. A method for producing belt gears by hand is covered here. With harder plastics it is possible to fabricate the mould on some 3D printers, but not yet on a Reprap.

-- Main.VikOlliver - 18 Feb 2007