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Darwin Part Development

This interim page is designed to host the developments required to achieve Darwin's replication. Darwin was originally designed with a support material write head in mind. However, it is possible to achieve replication without a support head if some minor design changes are made.


Part Replicated? Who Mod description Modded STL (attached to page)
Bearing-insert-180-X Y Vik
Bearing-insert-180-Z Y Vik
Bearing-insert-360-jam Y Vik
Bearing-insert-360-run Y Vik
Bed-clamp Y Vik
Bed-constraint-bracket Y Vik
Bed-corner Y Vik Internal flat step bevelled, holes on flange teardropped. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Bed-corner-1.1.stl |thumb]]
Corner-bracket Y Vik Squared off corners for strength & to remove bevel. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-corner-bracket-degroof-vik.stl |thumb]]
Corner-bracket-vertical-bolt-plug Y Vik
Diagonal-tie-bracket Y Vik Curved edge replaced with 45 degree step [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Diagonal-tie-bracket-1.1.stl |thumb]]
Diagonal-tie-bracket Y Chris Smaller version without the set screw [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-diagonal-tie-bracket-chris.stl |thumb]]
Fan-base Y Chris
Motor-washer Y Chris A motor shaped washer to replace the recess removed from the motor brackets [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-motor-washer.stl |thumb]]
Optoswitch-bracket Y eD M3 chamfer removed. Clamp hole teared. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Optoswitch-bracket-1.1.stl |thumb]]
PCB-clamp Y Vik
X-belt-clamp Y Vik
X-carriage Y Vik Hole for free-running belt teared. [[X-carriage-degroof.stl |thumb]]
X-constraint-bracket Y Vik
X-idler-bracket Y Vik Axle hole now teardropped, slightly enlarged slots for nuts under Y belt clamp. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-X-idler-bracket-1.1.stl |thumb]]
X-motor-bracket Y Vik Lugs for X axis bars angled, & teared, base modified to take smaller steppers. Y bearings thickened. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-X-motor-bracket-flattened.stl |thumb]]
X-opto-flag Y Vik Bolt hole now teared. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-X-opto-flag-1.1.stl |thumb]]
X-PCB-bracket Y Vik
XY-pulley-idler Y Vik Sloping base flattened, edges of rim bevelled to 45 degrees [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-XY-pulley-idler-1.1.stl |thumb]]
Y-bearing-housing Y Vik Squared off rounded to to increase strength & added strut at base [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Y-Housing-Square-Top.stl |thumb]]
Y-belt-clamp Y eD Chamfers removed [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Y-belt-clamp-1.1.stl |thumb]]
Y-motor-bracket Y Vik Cavity for stepper removed, slots added for smaller steppers. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Y-motor-bracket-vik.stl |thumb]]
Y-motor-coupling Y Vik Grub screw holes teared. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Y-Motor-Coupling-vik degroof.stl |thumb]]
Y-opto-flag Y Vik Mounting hole teared. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Y-opto-flag 1.1.stl |thumb]]
Z-belt-tensioner-idler Y Vik
Z-belt-tensioner-idler-case Y Vik
Z-belt-tensioner-anchor-bracket Y Vik
Z-motor-bracket Y Vik Cavity for motor removed, bolt cavity top made conical, corner bracket contact squared off [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Z-motor-bracket-vik.stl |thumb]]
Z-motor-coupling Y Vik
Z-opto-flag Y Vik
Z-studding-tie Y Vik
Z-toothed-pulley-rim Y Vik Rim thickened for strength. In thick layers, only one or two were deposited on the original. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Z-toothed-pulley-rim-1.1.stl |thumb]]

Thermoplast Extruder

Part Replicated? Who Mod description Modded STL (attached to page)
Extruder-clamp Y Vik Simplified version that bolts on. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-Extruder clamp.stl |thumb]]
Gear-bush-holder N Steve Simplified version with no overhangs. Horizontal holes should be small enough to print. [[File:DarwinPartDevelopment-gear-bush-holder.stl |thumb]]

All necessary parts now printed, and new generation parts (i.e. Z belt tensioner) added. Child machine now working fine.

-- Main.EdSells - 16 Nov 2007