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Darwin Design Fault Log

Hi, if there's any design faults you've discovered on the way to building your Darwin, please log them here...

Victim *Problem*
Adrian Can't reach lower belt clamp bolts on the X carriage, unless with a rounded hex key
Adrian X Belt clamp label wrong above "X axis assembly" in figure
Adrian Notch the hypotenuse of the bed corner plates so it jigs up better
Adrian 20mm caps on tensioner corners? (More travel)
Chris Moulds for X & Y pulleys too small, I suggest 14mm for 16 teeth
Chris Idler pulleys too big, should match drive pulleys
Chris X-motor bracket is too low to meet the Y belt
Chris Y & Y flags should enter opto from the side
Chris Z flag should have a flat top
Chris Y belt clamp has a pitch of 13mm but the holes in the x-carriage are 12mm
Chris The slot in the opto-brackets is slighly too small for the five pin opto


-- Main.EdSells - 20 Apr 2007