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I'm a believer in incremental progress, so although the Cyberdyne T-800 is the intended Gada Prize Competitor discussed in the Team Cyberdyne Forum thread, the Cyberdyne T-1 and Cyberdyne Hydraulic Control System are necessary transitional mile posts.

(JohnnyCooper) believes the Cyberdyne T-800 to be the next stage in the realization of the Reprap self replication philosophy. Initially it will use the Cyberdyne Hydraulic Control System to take advantage of the high strength to moving weight ratio made possible by a hydraulic system.

A design goal is to make the transition to worm gears and wheels for the drive train eventually in order to better abide by the self-replicating philosophy although the necessary gearing reductions to allow this will most likely result in very SLOW T-100 baby's Cyberdyne T-600. The Cyberdyne T-600 series will probably be capable of producing all of their parts, however due to their slow speed, will focuse on the worm gears and worm wheels, while the faster Cyberdyne T-800 produces the structural elements in bulk.

From Cyberdyne T-1:

"Once a working 3d printer has been made, work can begin on the Cyberdyne Hydraulic Control System. This system is modeled after paste extruder toolheads using a linear actuator to drive a syringe via another syringe at a 1 to 1 ratio. The purpose of this is to separate the heavy power source and the drive mechanism so that a light weight drive mechanism can be used on the moving elements of the Cyberdyne T-800.

Now that the design rationale has been explained, it is a downhill battle from here. I intend to have a working prototype of both the T-1 and the Hydraulic Control System by May of 2010."

From:Cyberdyne T-1