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CraftBot the Easy to use affordable 3D printer by Craftunique

We have taken all of the most desirable features found in the best current 3D printers and have combined them into one unit. And if you are new to 3D printing, no problem, anybody can use CraftBot, especially when accompanied by CraftWare, our very own 3D software that is absolutely free to download at any time. Check it out yourself! CraftBot works right out of the box, all you need to do is load your 3D model, slice it with our state-of-the-art software and print it.

We have designed and developed every part of our printer from the ground up. We started by using the best quality steel and aluminium. CraftBot is assembled with the utmost precision, keeping in mind that the printer head must make very fine movements. CraftBot utilizes quality laser cut metal parts and CNC milled components to achieve a higher standard of 3D printing.

The tests have gone out and the results are in. In comparison with other approaches nowadays, this pathway is an obvious plus for youths growing up in a world of technology. It helps them to learn computer skill in a more constructive way. It's fun and educational for children at the same time. Its a catalyst for creativity. We've personally placed CraftBot and CraftWare in the hands of children, and the results were outstanding. Specifically, we tested our products through a teacher at an elementary school and the kids couldn't get enough of it. At home or in a classroom environment, CraftBot and CraftWare stand alone.

Size does matter!

Most people do not want to print chairs for ants. If you intend to make more practical prints think twice before purchasing a tiny sized 3D printer. CraftBot is capable of printing large objects (250x200x200 mm, approx. 10x8x8 in). CraftBot has one of the biggest build volume in its class. Heatable build platform, no bending or warping

3D printing material shrinks as it cools down, therefore 3D printed objects tends to bend or warp during the printing process, causing the printer head to collide with the object, ultimately ruining the print. To overcome this problem we have designed our printer with a heatable build platform. Of course, it requires a stronger power supply that increases the total manufacturing cost, which is why most of our lower-priced competitors do not use it. Removable platform

We have eliminated the unnecessary injuries caused by reaching into the machine to remove the finished object. The easy solution: a removable build platform.

Touchscreen LCD

Most of our competitors use a 4x20 matrix non-graphical display that is difficult to operate. CraftBot uses a 2.8” QVGA LCD touchscreen, which makes it very easy to control the printer.

Custom electronics

The heart of CraftBot lies in its electronics. Our goal was to achieve dual channel communication allowing the user to immediately interact with the printer. We used the best quality electronic parts and made several prototypes until we arrived at one that we were satisfied with. Compatibility

CraftBot also understands a standard command set, which means that it can be controlled by CraftWare or with other software of your choice.

Technical specifications

  • Printer Dimensions: Width: 41cm (16.1”), Length: 36cm (14.1”), Height: 38cm (14.9”)
  • Max object dimensions: Width: 250mm (~10”), Length: 200mm (~8”), Height: 200mm (~8”)
  • Max object volume: 10000 cm3
  • Printing material (filament): PLA, ABS, Nylon
  • Filament size: Standard 1.75mm from any source.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Min layer height: 50 microns
  • Filament type: non-proprietary ($29/kg)
  • Total weight: 13kg
  • It can also be used with any Windows, Mac, or Linux based system.
  • USB-Compatible connection.
  • Standalone printing from USB flash drive.
  • Heatable and removable build platform.
  • Replaceable nozzle.
  • Best use between 100 and 300 micron layer resolution.
  • 15 micron X and Y positioning accuracy.