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This design doesn't even claim to be Open Source and also comes with no sources, so you can't make a copy or learn from it without re-engineering. RepRap recommends to prefer open source designs, which come with sources at least sufficient to make a copy. Open source enhances freedom and is also the foundation which made RepRap so awesome.

If you want to help improving this design, please ask the designer/vendor to release it under an open source or open hardware license and also to upload such sources to this wiki or to link to the repository containing them. If he did, remove this message. For intermediate/partial cases, there's also Template: NotOpenSource.

CraftWare, our free software

CraftWare is an all in one advanced slicer software written by Craftunique from scratch. Slicing is an essential part of 3D printing as it is the process that turns your digital 3D model into the toolpath information understood by 3D printers. An algorithm which generates such a toolpath must be smart enough to provide the most precise pathway for the best possible results and quality. Shorter build time also can be achieved using good toolpath information. With CraftWare you can interactively and easily build custom non-vertical support bars. With CraftWare, you can also attempt to print non-watertight objects.

Works best with our printer Craftbot, but all printers are supported which understands the standard G-CODE set.