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Clog is what happens when debris develops in the hotend nozzle, or when PLA or ABS plastic gets too hot and hardens in a semi-permanent way, which binds to the nozzle.

Unclogging your nozzle

To clean your extruder follow these steps:

  1. Slacken idler
  2. Push gently on filament while nozzle drops all the way down to room temperature
  3. Re-heat nozzle to Tg (60c for PLA, 105c for ABS)
  4. When it overshoots, pull firmly but slowly. See this or this for an example of a good result

If all else fails, then try a blowtorch as shown here

An alternative for ABS is try and leave your nozzle in acetone for 24-48 hours.

For PLA you can try to use this on your own risk:

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