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Ciclop 3D Scanner Documentation
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3D Laser Scanner
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Ciclop 3D Scanner


Ciclop is an open source 3D laser scanner with a rotative platform. It has been developed from scratch by BQ, and now it has been released to the community, under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This 3D Scanner is composed by a structure of 3D printed parts, threaded rod, a Logitech C270 web cam, two line lasers and a turntable platform with a stepper motor.

Related to this device, Horus, a complete desktop application for 3D scanning, has been developed also from scratch.

In early 2015, CowTech Engineering released their version of the Ciclop, raising over $183,000 USD on Kickstarter. They made some changes to the physical design, but still use Horus as the scanning software. The CowTech version uses adjustable laser holders and connects the scanner using laser cut acrylic instead of threaded rod. They also redesigned the printed parts and reduced the 3D printer build volume needed to make the parts at home.


  CowTech Ciclop BQ Ciclop (via Lulzbot)
Scan Time 2-8 min 2-8 min
Resolution 0.5mm 0.5mm
Cost (USD) w/o Printed Parts $119 na
Cost (USD) w Printed Parts $159 $400
Scan Area (mm) 200 x 200 x 205 (h) 200 x 200 x 205 (h)
Adjustable Laser Position Yes No
Frame Material Laser Cut Acrylic Steel Threaded Rod

Both the Ciclop and Horus are works in progress, and the developers at BQ and CowTech would appreciate it if users shared any modifications with the open source community to continue development of these projects.

Contact on the Google Group or send an email to [email protected]


Most the important resources for assembling, calibrating and using the scanner, CAD models and .stl files, as well as Google and FB communities from BQ and CowTech are compiled in one place at the CowTech Resources tab. For more detailed resources, particularly pertaining to the development of Horus, please explore the GitHub and DIWO links below.



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