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Dutchie3719's Partial SAE Conversion

Currently in development is a partial SAE conversion

All Manufactured Parts will be manufactured using SAE tooling & measurements
All Rods will Remain Metric
All Bolts & Hardware will Remain Metric

Changed from RP to CNC

  • Y-Corners.stl
  • Z-axis-bottom.stl
  • Z-axis-top.stl
  • Ymotor.stl

Changed from AWJ / Laser to CNC

  • Prusa3Wood-v4.dxf

CAD / Solidworks Most STL files are being re-drawn from .STL Form to .SLDPRT and engineering drawings will be produced.

Thingiverse and GitHub

There are large numbers of interesting add-ons for the Prusa i3 on both GitHub and Thingiverse. Search for 'i3' or 'Prusa'.

Prusa i3 variants

There is also a large and growing number of Prusa i3 variants. The Prusa_i3_Variants page attempts to list and provide links to the better known ones.

Warning about waterjet cutting 6mm aluminum frame directly from dxf file

A note if getting the frame cut, make sure the holes are smaller as waterjet cutting makes them 3.25 (too big to tap M3 threads).

Prusa i3 Development and Open Source licenses

Josef Prusa, the genius designer of the various 3D printers that bear his name, has a repository on GitHub with among many other things, the OpenSCAD source code for the printed parts for his Prusa i3. The availability of this source code has made possible the continuous development of new, improved printed parts for the many Prusa i3 variants available around the world.

Here is the header from one of these OpenSCAD files:

// PRUSA iteration3
// X end motor
// GNU GPL v3
// Josef Průša <[email protected]> and contributors

The header clearly states these OpenSCAD source files are made available under the GPLV3 license.

I have done some research to trace the evolution of some of Josef Prusa's designs and I found that in many cases, the GPLV3 license was not exactly respected.

I have added a page to this wiki about this with a specific example: Genealogy / Archeology of the Prusa i3 X Motor End

I urge all developers to properly adhere to and not stray away from, the spirit and the letter of whatever license was used originally for the source code and designs they are working on, as only in this way can further development and improvements remain possible.