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Hi guys!

If you're seeing this, that means you've done up a nice wiki page for your project
but forgotten to upload the files for it.

When you have a minute, could you upload the design files for this page?
RepRap is supposed to be open source, so if you were to upload files, that would
help everyone quite a bit, especially people who will want to make one of these.

Thank you,
--Sebastien Bailard

Please note: if, after contact and polite discussion, you're unwilling or unable
to upload files for this project, then we may have to delete this wiki page. This does
not mean "we will be deleting this wiki page 5 seconds from now", this means "we will
get in touch with you with a polite note and wait patiently for a reply, but we do 
seek resolution of this in some manner, preferably the friendly uploading-files 
Please email me if you have any questions.

If you'd like to add a wikipage to this category, please add the line

{{Please Upload Files}}

to that wiki page.

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