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Less specific

At the moment I can not find an alternative to the trinitylabs set : 10 start 25mm pitch fast lead screw and nut.

Tank you to Cary Beaty for his discovery, which seems to be a good alternative to Trinitylabs set. I do not have time to test, or to adapt the design with these screws, but I hope someone do it :)

Half speed, 1/4 the price, but to short, 200mm : 10 threads per inch and has 5 starts, 2 turns per inch.!5-5-starts-10-tpi

If any one know any other providers, I would be happy to know.

Others way could also be considered, such as threadless ballscrews

To do? or not to do?

  • Better implementation of endstops.
  • Change the extruder for a geared version.
  • Change NEMA17 3.6 kg/cm by 4.8 kg/cm for X/Y - Done!
  • Speeds and quality tests. - Done...
  • Find less specific alternative lead screw.
  • Build instructions. (10%)

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