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Low-cost all-metal hot end
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Initially Catnozzle (v1) was created as a lowcost all-metal hotend at a price below 40 €. The first batch (v1) was made jointly by the contributions of members of Clone Wars.

Technical development

Please see CatNozzle/es for the original Spanish version.

Technical Description

Please see CatNozzle/es for the original Spanish version. This description comes from a Google Translation of the text.

The hot end consists of 13 pieces:

  • 304 stainless steel rod pierced M6 (3.25mm and 3.5mm)
  • Heating block machined aluminum AL-6063
  • Nozzle blinds made from brass nut DIN 1587 M6
  • Top plate machined aluminum AL-6063
  • Two plates of phenolic resin (Trespa) sandwiched for isolating the heating block, machined.
  • 12v 40W heater cables sheathed in fiberglass.
  • Epcos Thermistor 100K - UL 3950 compliant

Operating temperatures

The maximum operating temperature is 300 degrees Celsius only limitation on the data read by the thermistor (the hotend are proven to 450 ° C without problems)


The CatNozzle is compatible with most RepRap printer where you can mount a Budashnoz


It is best to introduce a piece of filament in the extruder to align the hotend, secure it with M4 screws. The fan must be connected to 12V.