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Cartesio Base

Release status: working

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Printed CNC machine
GPL v2
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This is the start/base of it all.

Hint : when a distance is given, like 66mm, then it should be 66mm and not 65.9 or 66.1 , because it is a precise instrument we are building.

once finished it should look like this :




The Cartesio SpindleBracket can be found at

Assembly Instructions

Joining 2 profiles togheter


Here is why we choose the Bosch/Rexroth profiles in the first place :

Rather than buying expensive profile holders, we can insert a button head M6 bolt inside the profile.

First screw the M6 bolt in the top of one profile, so the head sticks out about 3mm.

Then slide the head of the screw inside the other profile, to the point where it is alligned with the hole in that other profile.

Now stick your imbus key inside of the hole and secure the M6 bolt

If you have a 20x40mm profile, 4 bolts will be mounted (2 on each side).

Assembling the bottom layer


Qnty device Vendor
2 profile 20x40x570mm prebuild
2 profile 20x40x260mm prebuild
1 profile 20x20x260mm prebuild
4 level foot MaukCC
10 M6 screw MaukCC

Screw the M6 bolts to all of the 260mm profiles.

Slide all of the 260mm profiles into the 570mm profiles, but do not tighten the bolts.

Put this assembly on a flat surface, so all profiles are aligned in a vertical way.

Now take a profile that is not used and hold it to the 20x20x260mm and the 20x40x570mm profiles so these are aligned in a horizontal way.

Now you can secure the M6 bolts of the 20x20x260mm profile.

Measure that the distance of the 20x40x260 profile that is at the end of the 570mm profile is 66mm on both sides, and secure the M6 bolts.

Then secure the middle 20x40x260 profile.

Now you can put in the rubber feet, and level the bottom of the base.

Adding vertical profiles


Qnty device Vendor
4 profile 20x40x260mm prebuild
4 profile 20x20x200mm prebuild
12 M6 screw MaukCC

Put M6 bolts on 1 side of all of the 200mm and 260mm profiles.

Slide the profiles into the 570mm profiles of the base, and secure only the 20x40x260mm profiles.

The 200mm profiles will be secured together with the spindles.

Make sure the profiles are aligned, and the back ones are 90mm from the end of the 570mm profile.

Assembling the spindels


Qnty device Vendor
4 TR12x3 186mm prebuild
4 TR12x3 nut MaukCC
4 HTD3 pulley 24 teeth prebuild
4 woodruff key 2.5x3.7 MaukCC
8 Bearing 10x26x8 MaukCC
8 SpindleBracket printed

Slide the pulley over the TR12x3.

Insert the woodruff key in the pulley (and TR12x3)

Press-fit the bearing into the SpindleBracket (if the SpindleBracket breaks at the sides, change the hole diameter, or align your 3D printer)

Slide one bearing (and SpindleBracket) over the pulley (and woodruff key)

Screw the TR12x3 nut on to the TR12x3

Slide the other bearing (and SpindleBracket) over the other side of the TR12x3

4x for 4 Spindles

Putting the spindles in


Qnty device Vendor
4 spindle prebuild
1 Belt HTD3 1569mm 9mm wide MaukCC
2 Profile 20x20x440mm prebuild
8 M6 screw MaukCC

At this point we will insert the spindles between the 2 profiles.

But it would be a great pitty if, at this point, you forgot to put in the belt.

Let`s put in the belt, and press-fit the peg of the SpindleBraket in the slit of the strut profile(some filing may be in place)

When both off the strut profiles are against the SpindleBracket, The space between them(the 2 strut profiles), should be 40mm, on the top and bottom.

You can now secure the 20x20x200mm to the 20x40x570mm profile(bottom).

Do this with all 4 Spindles.

Next slide 2 M6 bolts into the 20x20x440mm profile, and screw 2 M6 bolts in to the tops of the 20x20x440mm profile.

Then slide the 20x20x440mm profile in to the 20x40x260mm profiles, and secure the 2 M6 bolts which are aligned with the 20x20x200mm profiles.

Make sure the space between them(the 2 strut profiles), should be 40mm, on the top and bottom.(the width of the SpindleBracket)

And at last secure the M6 bolts to the 20x40x260mm profiles

Adding remaining profiles


Qnty device Vendor
2 profile 20x40x340mm prebuild
3 profile 20x20x90mm prebuild
11 M6 screw MaukCC

Adding the remaining strut profiles.

Start with the 20x20x90mm profiles

screw a M6 bolt in 1 top of them and slide and secure them to the frame.

These profiles are to secure the power supply, and to hold casing material(optional).

Then screw 2 M6 bolts in the top of the 20x40x260mm profiles.

Slide the 20x20x340 profiles in, and secure them.



After building we should check if everything is parralel.

This will ensure a smooth movement of the Z-axis.

To do so, we have to measure the distances of the yellow, green and red lines.

Yellow should be 260mm

Green should be 440mm

Red should be 200mm