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Darwin Cartesian Assembly FAQ

Here's the assembly problems encountered so far.

1. General Questions

Q. Where do I download the STL files for the parts from?

A. These are kept all together in a darwinSTLs archive file at our SourceForge site under "Object Files": ---

Q. My Z-axis is too stiff and won't go up or down. The motor just judders.

A. In general, you're probably driving the motor too fast for the load. Drop the speed for that axis. If you're talking about a freshly-assembled Z-axis and your belt isn't too tight, then it is possible that you've either tightened the nuts against a bearing surface too much or the springs in your Z-axis are too strong.

2. Terminology

Make sure you've read the notes at the top of the CartesianBOM - these might already answer your questions.

Q. What are grubs?

A. Short for grub screw - that is a screw with no head, but with either a cut for a screwdriver blade or a hex cavity for an allen key in the end. In America, grubs are known as either set screws or, less commonly, headless screws. ---

Q. What's welly?

A. Welly, refers to wellington boots with the notion of put a bit of the boot into it, that is, put some effort into it. (Wellington boots in the old British Empire are black rubber boots used for nasty jobs like walking around in boggy ground or in wet mines. In South Africa/Australia/NZ they are known interchangeably as gumboots.)