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Building the stepper motor control boards


There is very little work needed to take a board with all the common components (the construction of which was described here) and to turn it into a stepper controller. All you need to do is to add the following components, which are to the right of A in the above picture:

Component Value
R10 4K7
R11 4K7

These form the synchronisation link between the stepper control boards.

You need three of these boards for the X, Y, and Z stepper motors respectively. Label them X, Y, and Z with a felt-tipped pen so you don't forget which will be which.

Program three PIC 16F628 chips with the files in ~your-id/workspace/firmware/build/16f628/stepmotor/stepmotor.hex (X axis), ~your-id/workspace/firmware/build/16f628/stepmotorb/stepmotorb.hex (Y axis), and ~your-id/workspace/firmware/build/16f628/stepmotorc/stepmotorc.hex (Z axis).

The programs in each are identical exept for one number - the address of the corresponding PIC in the token ring.

It's also convenient to label the PICs. I find that the best way to do this is to put a dab of typewriter correction fluid on each one, then to write X, Y, or Z on that when it's dry. (Mystery: there isn't a typewriter left on the planet; so how is it that everywhere still has typewriter correction fluid?)

-- Main.AdrianBowyer - 01 Feb 2007