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Replath in Linux


  • Replath is a program that can plot various 2D file formats either directly to a RepRap or to a GCode file.
  • Replath is written completely in Python and uses the wxWidgets (wxPython) user interface in conjunction with SDL (pyGame).


There is a work in progress Replath PCB Making Tutorial

Supported Formats



  • SNAP RepRap - Direct serial SNAPComms SNAP RepRap control
  • ITL File - Replath native toolpath format
  • GCode File - Standard machine toolpath language
  • SVG File - (Work in progress)

Download & Install

Currently only available from svn. I will make a nice Windows package as soon a Windows support is completely stable.

SVN Path :


Install Dependencies

This is for Debian/Ubuntu, others have similar commands

sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.6 python-pygame

You will also need to install the pyRepRap library.

System Wide Installation

svn checkout
cd replath
./ build
sudo ./ install

Run 'Replath' in the 'Graphics' menu or run 'replath' in a terminal.

Local Installation

Use this for testing or for enhancing the application.

svn checkout
cd replath
./ install --home=${PWD}/installation

Run 'replath' in the now new directory 'installation/bin'.


I am working on a binary package.


Pen fill gerber

Replath in Linux

DXF file

Replath in Windows

Isolation milling gerber

Replath Isolation Path

Future Ideas

  • Toolheads
    • Laser etching / cutting
    • Paintbrush
      • 2D (work slightly in progress)
      • 3D - Paint extruded objects
    • Syringe
      • Icing a cake
  • Interface
    • Implement in OpenGL? - Allow 3D work