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RepRapper Groups + Aggregations

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See the WikiNode.

Similar project Groups + Aggregations

  • Bits And Bytes forum - using commercial, ready made kits derived from Darwin with great reliability and resolution.
  • Thingiverse collecting objects that can be base, including upgrades and enhancements to RepRap parts.
  • iGo3D blog
  • RAScomRAS: First 3D object repository for printing of Spanish language.

Individual Blogs

Individual Pages

Prusa Mendel

  • Alan Lake's first RepRap My learning experience may help you with the building of your first Prusa Mendel. This entry is not complete and isn't likely to be completed. In editing a section that contained pictures, trying to save it triggered the spam filter. I don't know how to overcome this and am not sure that this entry will benefit anyone anyhow.


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