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This page shows the steps in modifying the Pirate3D's Buccaneer. It uses much of the brains from Sid.

You will need a RAMPS1.4 board, a metre of high temperature wire for the heating element, some wires for the thermistor and limit switch. You can also reuse some of the wires that we will no longer be using (eg. fan wires)

We will bypass the auto bed levelling as it does not work well on different surfaces.

Modifying hardware

Steps to convert the hardware for connecting to a RAMPS 1.4

  • Cut the connections on the heating block between the heating resistor and the electronic board on the head. Solder on high temperature wires.
  • Cut thermistor connections and solder on wires
Heater connections
  • Cut print head limit switch from the board and solder on wires
Head limit switch connection
  • Cut head fan wires and solder on wires
Head fan rewired
  • Extruder motor connections remain. We will use the original connector wires. See picture for pins.
Extruder motor
Extruder motor wires
  • We will not be using the lights and big fan on the cover. Remove the microprocessor board and power supply board. We will not be using the original power supply.

Electronics connections

Please refer to Sid's electronic connections when in doubt

  • Heater and head fan connections:
Heater and head fan connection
  • Thermistor connection
Thermistor connection
  • X, Y, Z motor connections
XYZ motor connections
  • Extruder motor connection
Extruder motor connection
  • Endstops position
Endstops position
  • Endstops connection
Endstops connection

Modifying firmware

Download Marlin firmware [[1]] for BucSid

At Line 384 of Configuration.h:

#define Z_MAX_POS 157.08

Change the value "157.08" to suit your required bed level height. This will require some experimentation. Upload the firmware onto the controller board.

This firmware was tested to compile and upload using Arduino IDE v1.0.5 [[2]] Try this version if the later IDE versions do not work

Setting up Cura

Add a new machine with the following settings:


Download the slicing settings from [[3]] and open profile.

Additional notes

  • Don't use the guide tube. It causes filament breakage and adds unnecessary friction. Feed filament directly into extruder
  • I use Kapton tape on blue tape on the bed:
Print of Pieta
Print of Pieta

Model of Pieta can be downloaded from [[4]]

  • Some accessories can be downloaded from: [[5]]

Contact us

For any queries, please email weiin[AT]simplifi3d[DOT]asia