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Release status: Experimental

Gearmotor Extruder
CAD Models
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The design goal for this extruder was an extremely reliable, no compromise, multi platform extruder, that builds on all the most successful ideas currently available in thermoplastic extrusion. At the same time I wanted an extruder that could easily be printed on a Makerbot build plate with a as large a raft as possible to allow those who do not have a heated build plate to print it easily.


Released on Thingiverse (version 1, smaller version 2), and uploaded to RepRap

Mechanical Construction

Extruder block & Idler for Brutstruder, File:BrutstruderRepRapblock.stl File:Conservitiveidler.stl

Non printed parts:

* 1 X 608 bearing (Skateboard bearings);
* 1 X 606 bearing (Comes with the Mk4 extruder, optional);
* 1 x threaded pulley for 6mm motor Shaft, available from Makerbot as Mk5 drive gear or off ebay as 6mm motor shaft.
* 2 X M8 washers;
* 1 X M8X20 piece of smooth bar, threaded bar or a bolt;
* 4 X M4X45 socket caps;
* 4 X M4 nuts; 
* 6 X M4 washers;
* 2 X M3X35 bolts;
* 4 X Springs - 4mm ID, 10 mm long, but because you control the tension
your spring choice is not critical.  Harder the better.
* 1 Kysan 1156006 gearmotor, the one that comes with a Mk4 extruder
from Makerbot, also available directly from Kysan;

[1]Blog entries:

New Extruder for Brutis

It's the Kysan/Makerbot gearmotor using the MK5 wormgear and a 608 bearing idler like a wades extruder. [[2]] /u/2/rDfqKXrQ0lI]