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Vik's Blog Photos

I need somewhere to put them that has non-crippled bandwidth, right?

-- Main.VikOlliver - 03 Jun 2006

  • Mk2a RepRap Polymer Extruder Head:
BlogPhotosFromVik-extruder mk2a sml.jpg
  • Second NZ RepRap under construction showing wiring.:
BlogPhotosFromVik-second reprap showing wiring.jpg
  • Polymorph freehand moulding holding Mk2 extruder in place.:
BlogPhotosFromVik-polymorph holding mk2 extruder sml.jpg
  • The first RepRap part, just cooled.:
BlogPhotosFromVik-first part freshly printed.jpg
  • Picture of first printed part with sprue etc. intact.:
BlogPhotosFromVik-unadulterated first part.jpg
  • Low res image oflogo from Vienna:
BlogPhotosFromVik-logo fom vienna.jpg
  • First working part actually fitted.:
BlogPhotosFromVik-first selfmade reprap part fitted.jpg
  • Filled-in penguin for LCA 2007:
BlogPhotosFromVik-filled penguin.jpg