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Bendlay-3D Filament for FDM in 3D printing Brand name of a modified ABS made by Orbi-Tech

A very transparent/ clear 3D printing fibre similar to Polycarbonate, as a flexible alternative between ABS and soft PLA.

In the following you find a first overview of the characteristics:

Print Temp (upon tests at meXhibit): 217° to 238°C Thermal stability similar to PLA at around 65 – 70°C Remarkable adhesion of first layers at high speed print with bond. temp. of around 240°C 3D FDM filament base: ABS (acc. producer a modified ABS like filament to be used p.ex in the food-packaging and medical devices)

Acc. manufacturer:

Compared to ABS the water absorption is far lower, acc producer at around 30% of the ABS filaments (orbitech) No stress whitening by bending High interlayer adhesion Soluble in brake cleaner; acetone will make Bendlay crumble