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Release status: Working

3DYMY single board version of the RAMPS 1.4 "Plus" board
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The BT7272A RAMPS 1.4 "Plus", made by (now apparently defunct) 3DYMY (, integrates the Mega 2560 and RAMPS 1.4 electronics into a single board solution.


(Paraphrased from a sales page)

  1. All functions are on a single board, helping eliminate the "cumbersome" problem of multiple interfaces
  2. Two-way serial interface available, allowing for bluetooth, wifi, or a touchscreen
  3. Single/dual Z-axis wiring, running in synch, support
  4. Servo support
  5. Dual extrusion head support
  6. Auto-leveling support
  7. Uses high-quality MOSFET for better cooling
  8. 12-24 volt power input support
  9. Supports LCD2004 and 12864 LCD


Unfortunately, with 3DYMY apparently being out of business, documentation is somewhat hard to find. At the time of this writing (2019/8/21), Marlin 1.1.x fixes does support the board... mostly. There are a few pin changes in relation to the LCD display that need to be redefined, and the available pinouts are written with earlier versions of Marlin in mind, so some names have changed.

Also to note, the available documentation has been shown to be "minorly" incorrect. Specifically, on the LCD2004 pin list, at least one LCD board mounted to a BT7262A controller has the BTN_EN1 and BTN_EN2 lines reversed (pins 25 and 29). Always verify the hardware on hand for proper wiring and pin definitions!

Main header locations
LCD connector pinout
Mainboard and generic LCD IO pin assignments
Mainboard and LCD2004 LCD pin IO assignments
Mainboard and LCD12864 LCD IO pin assignments