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Avayanium 3D Printer Introduction

The Avayanium 3D Printer is my attempt at creating a 3D printing platform to start enjoying from this exciting field. Although I was exhorted to purchase an already existing unit, I felt it would be far much more fun to build my own. Following inspiration from a MakerGear's M Series printer, I decided to use those parts which I had available (some ball bearings, ground shafts, lead screws, belts and pulleys) and build the rest.

To build the different parts I utilized my 3 CNC machines, so although this printer did not originate from a pre-existing printer, I still consider it a "reprap" endeavor as it is in essence a CNC machine which came from 3 other CNC machines. A GCC Mercury 25W laser engraver was used to cut 1/4" MDF wood for different tables and supports. A Tormach PCNC 1100 CNC milling machine was used to mill multipe parts from different plastics and aluminum. A Torchmate 2' x 2' CNC Plasma Cutter with Avayan Electronics CNC Mother Board electronics was used to cut some sheet metal and TIG weld a belt tensioning bracket.

Belts utilized are 40DP belts in order to be able to utilize the steppers and pulleys I already have. Although they are not metric, they still work as intended and print output follows expected measurements.

I went with Sprinter and Replicator G because although these two pieces of SW are not being serviced any longer, I know them rather well and can get my printer to do what I need anyway. There are some bugs but since I know what they are, I can work around it. Will eventually try Pronterface.