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AtomX Documentation
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Release status: working

CAD Models
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(Updated 2016-04-18)

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About AtomX

This project where created during a weekend for fun and ended up to be a pretty cool micro bot.

It can print all its parts on it self.

Use very little parts.

Cheap to build.

I love reprap community ad will try to support it with small builds for as long as I can.

It where reprap that started the 3d print revolution.

Printing Dimensions

X=105mm ( Should leave about 4-5mm )
Y=130mm ( Should leave about 10mm for belt fasteners etc )
Z=180mm ( Should leave about 20mm to add glas plate on bed and others)

Yes this gives you some space to put it on extremes to increase the print size on your machines :)

But I want it like this to keep it safe.

Repetier firmware

Works with there online configuration tool and is a beta release.

I have the fan that cools the hotend connected to the same socket as power in on the ramps board so its always on.

Only to make it fool proof so you don't turn it off by accident.

Stl 3d print files

Latest complete files ( 20160418 )



2 = 170mm Long 6mm rods ( X )

2 = 200mm Long 6mm rods ( Y )

2 = 360mm Long 8mm rods ( Z )

2 = 220-280mm Long M6 threaded rods ( Structure support / 280mm if you want to use the extra z axis support )

M6 threaded rod can be replaced by m7 or m8 rods for more stability but then do you nead to drill up the holes more.


1 = 300mm Long 8mm with Brass nut. ( Optional with a extra brass nut to place on the top side to minimize backlash )

Pitch of the leadscrew is up to you as there is many to choose from and easy to change in firmware.


8 = Lm6uu

4 = Lm8uu

4 = 625zz ( Skateboard bearings )

1 = 608zz ( Skateboard bearing for top piece )


2 = GT2 20 tooth pulleys ( Its up to you wath you use I had these at home.)


1 meter long GT2 ( Is more then enough and you get some left )

Nuts and bolts

4 = M6 nylon lock nuts.

4 = M6 nuts

2 = 47-50mm Long m3 screws ( X motor )

I had a huge amount off 8-20 mm long m3 screws for most of the other parts.

Will go thru the rest a lot more in a later stage.


Any Jhead or e3d clone should work.


Any Bowden type like airtrippers or wades.

Power supply

Get a plain fully enclosed small unit with 12 volts and 5-7 ampere.

I used a old one from a smartrap by smartfriendz.

World premiere

( Videos have ads to fund my builds )

<videoflash type="youtube">iiAD7D7nIw4</videoflash><videoflash type="youtube">bEwji7QfVgc</videoflash> . <videoflash type="youtube">EeeoEcFTKqA</videoflash><videoflash type="youtube">urjjlJxU6iw</videoflash>