Adesina - A Wooden Mendel RepStrap

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Adesina - A Wooden Mendel RepStrap

Release status: unknown

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Adesina - A Wooden Mendel RepStrap
CAD Models
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Note: Mendel is optimized to be printed.  WolfStrap is optimized to be made
from wood.  If you're making a machine from wood, consider WolfStrap.  And then make a 
Mendel from wood anyway, for aesthetics and love of the art.  
--Sebastien Bailard 03:27, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Say hello to Adesina

Adesina is a Nigerian name which means "first of many children" or "she opens the way". She is a Wooden Mendel RepStrap, built close to the likeness of the official Mendel. Although some parts have been modified to better suit a wooden construction, the idea is to be able to print Mendel prostheses for Adesina, if needed. The original worklog is posted at this Norwegian forum. Pictures are in spoiler tags throughout that thread.

Ideas and feedback in the forum thread is very much appreciated!

Update 2012.07.21 - Adesina is getting rebuilt with proper printed parts.

Really big example images with lots of descriptive text are a fun part of documentation.


A more thorough build log with notes will be made here when Adesina can print. For now, please refer to the pictures in the running worklog.

Bought parts

To avoid building the extruder as well as ensure reliable extrusion, a sweet Wade's Extruder was bought from MarcusWolschon.

The heater barrel, nozzle and PTFE barrier was bought from reifsnyderb.

Extruder parts

Molding Gears

Inspired by [1] here are the first test with molding gears with polymorph thermoplastic suitable for a T1.5 belt from an old AGFA snapscan. The initial results was really great, very simple to make and fully mechanically functional. A modified mold design is tested, which produces gears a bit simpler and faster.

Mold setup
Mold setup
Mold in use
Large gear
Small gear


The bed and x-axis have been simplified. The rest is as close as possible to the original Mendel parts.


Version 4 seems to be working. Not tested with proper belts, gears or motor though. This versions have more measurements, and some commentaries. Please look at the photos to understand where the different parts go.

X-Axis - Adesina style - SVG This is the SVG file made in Inkscape. Printing it through Inkscape ensures proper size.

X-Axis - Adesina style - PNG
X-Axis motor side top view
X-Axis motor side bottom view
X-Axis axis side top view
X-Axis axis side bottom view


No frogs have been squashed in the process of making this bed.

Y-Axis - Adesina style
Y-Axis - Adesina style

Recommended tools

There are some tools which felt invaluable to build Adesina.

Drill press
You need to be able to make straight holes. A cheap ~70$ was used here, which works just fine.
High quality drill bits
Cash out for a good set, you will not regret it. A ~100$ set on sale is worth it. (150$ retail, Norwegian prices).
Band saw
A friend used his band saw on some of the more difficult, precise cuts. Thanks!
Useful with many cuts when you don't have a band saw available.
Put on a new blade, and it's a breeze to use. Good for thick sheet.
Mitre saw
Good for the more heavy, precise cuts from your stock wood.
Measure twice, cut once.
They have a excellent and cheap digital caliper at as well as some spare batteries.


Approximately 1000$ (~$180 USD). (Not including tools already in the workshop).

Here is a Google spreadsheet with all expenses. The currency is NKR (Norwegian kroner). Norwegian language only, "delenummer" means part number.

Norwegian suppliers

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When possible, local suppliers was used.


Clas Ohlson

Plastkompaniet AS was not able to supply PLA.


Other wooden Mendels, especially the one by triffid.hunter

External links

Worklog at Norwegian forum (Norwegian) Press coverage on (Norwegian)