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ABBAS is the open source 3D printer that is based on Prusa i3 . It has simplified aluminum profile frame. Taht is easy to buy and assmebly than laser cut metal frame . it has 26x26 table area if you need a big printing surface you can build it.

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ABBAS 3D Printer

Release status: Working

ABBAS 3D Printer
CAD Models
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Abbas 3D printer is build with openbuild extrusion. Based dimensions are 260x260x200 , but you can scale them as you want .


Build a fully scalable 3D printer

Big printing area

Low cost as possible

And of course Opensource


Printer Size  : 500mm x 450mm x 500mm

Printing area  : 260mm x 260mm x 200mm

Print Material  : PLA (1.75mm Default) , Flex

Extruder  : Haddeci V1 Direct-Drive

Nozzle  : 0.5mm default/0.4mm/0.3mm/0.2mm


Bill Of Materials

1- 39cm x 2 pcs 20x20 aluminium profile

2- 35cm x 2 pcs 20x20 aluminium profile

3- 32cm x 3 pcs 20x20 aluminium profile

4- 42cm x 4 pcs Ø8 Smooth rod

5- 37cm x 2 pcs Ø8 Smooth rod

6- 33cm x 2 pcs M5 Threaded rod

7- 5x5 Flexible Couplings

8- GT2/T2,5 Washerley x 2pcs

9- GT2/T2,5 Belt x 2 mt

10- 5x Nema 17 motor

1- 32 pcs M4x10 screw

2- 32 pcs M4 T Nuts

3- 32 pcs M4 Washer

4- 6 pcs M6x40 Hex-head screw

5- 6 pcs M6 washer

6- 5 pcs M3x25 flat-head screw

7- 1 pcs M3x20 flat-head screw

8- 3 pcs M3 x10 flat-head screw

9- 2 pcs M3x 35 screw

10- 6 pcs M3x12 screw

11- 8 pcs M3x10 screw

12- 8 pcs M3x25 screw

13- 4 pcs M3x40 flat-head screw

14- 42 pcs M3 washer

15- 40 pcs M3 nylstop nut

16- 4 pcs M3x40 flat-head screw

17- 4 pcs M4 nut

18- 2 pcs M4 x40 screw

Base Assembly

Use M6*40mm screw and make rectangle is 32x39 cm for bottom . Also use M6*40mm screw for 32x36cm U for upper parts.

Y Assembly