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3D Inovator is based on Mendel90 model. It has all the advantages of its ancestor and a couple of things which improve the user experience. In the spirit of Reprap project we enlarged the number of printer’s printed components. Printer was launched 1.9.2013. The purpose of creating this printer was to introduce it to Slovenia’s school system to enrich learning experience. The focus is on extending the knowledge of creating objects from solid materials in certain classes to another dimension of creativity and logic, hidden in a different approach.


Printed parts: 99
Vitamins: 960
Heated bed: 200 x 200 x 200 mm
Whole printer (chamber included): 470 x 470 x 455 mm


After being faced with unplanned bending of certain ABS prints printer was tested under different circumstances (change of temperature, air conditioning). The problems where quickly solved by closing the printer from all sides – not completely, but just enough the outside circulation of the air doesn’t affect the printing objects and that the inside doesn’t overheat. Chamber is constructed of Dibond sheets of different sizes which are adjusted for the exiting wiring of the vent (cooling the chamber), spool holders, Raspberry PI, camera placement and outside placement of LCD screen.
The inside of the chamber doesn’t need extra heating or cooling, because the heated bed, other heat emiting parts of the printer and vent make it a perfectly conditioned.

To ease up the control over the process there is a build-in camera added that is positioned retrospectively with the printing object.

Controller with LCD screen
There are two ways to communicate with Inovator. The usual computer-printer network connection is possible, but not optimal, because that means having one computer just for controlling the printer. The other option is a controller designed for optimization of needed space and energy efficiency. Using an SD card you are able to make basic print configurations (temperature, testing, duration) through the controller. Using the controller the printer becomes an independent unit.

Still in the making
Controlling the printing process over the internet.

How to build your own SiQoS Inovator

What you need:
- 3D models of all parts that need to be printed;
- the outline of the casing,
- how to build 3D Inovator manual,
- basic kit which you can order online or via e-mail (info (at) 3dtisk dot si).

Common problems and solutions

Nozzle changing
Currently used nozzle (JHead MK5 hot end) will soon be replaced by e3D nozzle, which solves a few difficulties the current one showed during a longer period of printing. E3D nozzle diameter is easier to change because you unwind the hot end while the nozzle is still attached. JHead nozzle needs to be completely removed before changing.

JHead nozzle can cause difficulties when using PLA because being heated at such large temperature PLA expands and as it gains volume the nozzle clogs faster. E3D nozzle is metal and has an active cooling system, which prevents preheating the PLA just before exiting.

E3D nozzle has an active cooling system because of the shape and the vent, which hastens the cooling.

Dibond sheets
Dibond sheets are pre-prepared in such way there is a large number of screws needed to install them together. There are different ways to solve this. The optional way is to change the mounting of the sheets, possibly in a way they just slide one into another.


Range 1250€ – 1850€ (VAT included)


We are posting pictures of our prints on [thingiverse.com], username 3Dinovator.