3DMaker LCXL

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3DMaker LCXL

Release status: Working

High precise (0.06mm/layer) & large-sized (250x300x250) 3D Printer made in Vietnam
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3DMaker LCXL is a sort of 3D printer that can print objects with size of (x)250mm x (y)300mm x (z)250mm by using the FDM technology.

3DMaker LCXL printer is designed on the idea of Prusa i3, in which the cover is made from MDF wood and cut by laser for high precise, the frame of machine is built from highly structured and firm aluminum for vibration resistance.

The machine is totally manufactured and assembled in Vietnam by the leading 3D printer manufacturer in Vietnam – 3DMaker Corp.

Project Goal

This printer is not only 3D printer for big scale objects to easily assemble, print objects with high precise and low cost but also the perfect printer commercialized firstly by Vietnamese. This machine is designed to serve personal purpose, engineer, and technical student. Facilitate every operation, easy to assemble and to use for ordinary users.

We are in hope that 3DMaker LCXL will become popular to users in Vietnam.

Project Description

The 3D printer is developed based on the software Sketchup, building 3D and rendering by VRay. After the perfect design is completed, we start to cut MDF wooden frame by laser, then cover frame with the paint of waterproof. Parts of hardware are all purchased in Vietnam. In relation to electronic components, we are using board Arduino Mega 2560, RAMPS 1.4 and Stepper Driver A4988.

The motion system includes axes of X Y Z. Axis X moves the nozzle for plastic by linear ball bearing LM8UU. Axis Y moves the printer bed by linear ball bearing SCS12UU. Axis Z uses high precise leadscrew of 8mm diameter to move the printhead up or down.

The printhead is designed as direct extruder and able to change easily upon demand. The printhead is allowed to use plastic ABS, PLA, Nylon, T-Glass, Flexible…

The machine can print at the biggest scale to 250mm x 300mm x 250mm, resolution of each layer to 0.04mm. The appropriate speed is at 50mm/s and can accelerate to reach 100mm/s.

Modified versions:

3DMaker LCXL includes 3 modified versions:

  • 3DMaker LC2 for printable scale of maximum at 200mm x 200mm x 200mm
  • 3DMaker LC (toolkit) for printable scale of maximum at 200mm x 180mm x 150mm

Bill of Materials

Now, we completed the design for the machine and started the mass production. All components listed above can be ordered at our website or from other companies. All plastic objects can be printed after the machine is assembled completely.


  • Lasercut Frame: MDF 6mm
  • Alumium: 3030
  • Printed Parts: Endstop cover, bed cover holders.
  • Cost: 600 - 1100 (non assembled)
  • Printing size: 250x300x250mm
  • Layer resolution: 40 microns
  • Precision: +/- 0.1mm

Printed Parts

Work in progress.

Lasercut Frame

Work in progress.

Printing Samples

Lcxl penka.jpg
Lcxl gipsygirl.jpg
Lcxl building.jpg
Lcxl bottle.jpg
Lcxl dragon.jpg
Lcxl flowers.jpg