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Release status: Working

Simple, cheap and easy to build 3D printer.
CAD Models
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The goal was to build a printer with bigger print volume than Prusa Mendel. Budget is less than 200$ or close, since I used some scrap parts from previous printers.

Chassis based on M8 screw rods, strong pyramidal design and It has mount holes to the wooden plate to increase the stability of the printer.

It uses standard 220x220mm aluminium heated bed, E3D V6 hotend (clone) with Bowden type extruder. You can use any cheap one from China.

Build size is 220 x 220 x 200 mm (xyz).

Z axis has bearing stabilizers to reduce z-wobbling.

All parts are easy to find.

Screw rods M8:

4 x 452 mm - Z pyramid diagonals.

4 x 423 mm - Z verticals.

2 x 330 mm - Z-axis motor screw. I used standard M8 rods.

2 x 466 mm - For top X.

4 x 450 mm - For bottom X.

2 x 480 mm - For Y.

2 x 180 mm - For spool holder, optional.

Smooth rods, 8mm:

2 x 420 mm - Z.

2 x 420 mm - Y.

2 x 405 mm - X.

You also need 14pcs of 608 bearings:

8pcs for Z stabilizers.

2pcs for Z screw bottom support.

2pcs for Y belt pulley (idler)

2pcs for spool holder, optional


Image File Description
Ctor-bot foots.png
ctor-bot foots.zip All-in-One foots STL file.
Ctor-bot top-brackets.png
ctor-bot top-brackets.zip All-in-One Top Brackets STL file.
Ctor-bot z-axis + hotend carret.png
ctor-bot z-axis + hotend carret.zip All-in-One Z-axis brackets and

e3d V6 single extruder hotend base STL files.

Ctor-bot misc.png
ctor-bot misc.zip Display housing, Arduino case,

Y-axis idler pulley (for 608 bearing),

Y-axis smooth rods clips.

Ctor-bot bed-support.png
ctor-bot bed-support.zip All-in-One STL for heated bed support.

Not the best design. TODO.

Ctor-bot spool-holder.png
ctor-bot spool-holder.zip All-in-One spool holder STL.


2 pcs 5mm to 8mm stepper motor coupler. I Used screw one.

11 pcs lm8uu linear bearing. It is possible to use printed with PLA. You can found good models on Thingerverse.

5 pcs nema 17 stepper motors. I used 3pcs 17hs4410 for X, Y and extruder and a couple of 17hs2408 motors for Z-axis.

12V 20A Power supply (If you choose 12V electronics).

RepRap 128x64 graphic LCD controller with SD Card support.

Arduino Mega + RAMPS 1.4.

40mm + 5015 Fan.

E3D V6 (there is an option with Volcano heated block, use longer fan throat).

Any extruder with Teflon tube.

3 pcs GT2 16 teeth pulley for motors.

1 GT2 pulley idler.

Approximate 2m of GT2 Belt.

14 pcs 608z ball bearings.

220x220mm Aluminium Heated bed.

And a lot of M8 nuts and spacers also as M3 with different sizes. M4 bolt with nut for GT2 pulley. And one brass m3 spacer for Z-axis endstop adjustment.


Ctor-bot top view.jpg
Ctor-bot single e3d v6 volcano.jpg
Ctor-bot spool holder.jpg
Ctor-bot z-axis oldham.jpg
Ctor-bot z-axis stabilizer 1.jpg
Ctor-bot y-axis endstop.jpg
Ctor-bot z-axis endstop adjustment.jpg
Ctor-bot electronic box v1.jpg