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Here's some sample links on building your own wind turbine. They're currently unsorted; what's needed is analysis, in particular, whether there are any designs that can be used by RepRap.

Collection of links from One of them -- "All-Wooden Wind Generator" -- gives step-by-step instructions on building a generator from magnets, copper wire, wood, dirt (!), and a steel shaft.

How to Build a Chispito Wind Generator

Note: does have motor and other electrical parts listed - may still need to buy these

DIY Instructions for making wind systems at home from

Again, needs a generator - they suggest from a broken Fisher

Einfälle-statt-Abfä a translation cloud be: "Ideas out of scrap" A German Publischer for "Hippie-Life-Hacks" also has very good books abaut windgereators. I conntact them how about translations and copyrights and will try to update as soon as possible update 16012015: no digital version(because artist rights) and no translation(no Money)

Further reading