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3.1 - While it seems hard for either governments or corporations to stop such a movement, prohibition schemes have been tried before. What might a "3D Printer prohibition act" look like?

3.3 - You might be surprised to know that with many patents these days, the initial creator may get little or no credit/money in comparison to the corporation they were working for at the time the patent was filed. Perhaps his argument is less about 'destroying IP', and more about creating a world in which the free exchange of designs manifests new modes of interaction. Could you imagine someone being well known for the quality of printable designs which they release?

2.1 - Most people focus on the practical problems first, but you've noted the '2nd order' obstacles. The first problem you note isn't really stopped by current protections though, is it? Cheap Rolex', Foakleys, etc..

2.2 - Good points - I think AB was also stressing this as an 'affordable means of production', as in, something that more than just rich people might have access to.

2.3 - Different materials are a big one. Have you seen anyone using the ceramic extruder at all? We should make one....

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