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You can follow my work on or on Google+. I also post my designs on thingiverse and continuing work on github.


I am the designer of the RepRap Wallace, and most of my current work is on this design and related projects. I'm also working on a design for a compact and easy to use extruder to replace the Wade's/Greg's extruders, which seem large and unwieldy next to the other Wallace parts.


Oversized Huxley

My first Reprap was an oversized Huxley that I built by cutting the rods and belts longer to make it almost as big as Mendel. The build platform was 8"x8" (about 195x195mm usable), but the outside was only 15"x14"x13". This machine has since been disassembled, and many of the parts were re-used to build the first Wallace.

I had a lot of trouble getting reliable extrusion, so I took the bowden cable out of the equation and bolted the extruder directly to the carriage. This seems to work fine with the NEMA 14 motors I bought, which meet the 13.7 N-cm torque requirement for Mendel.

Big huxley.jpg

I made a few updates to the design:

Huxley wades.jpg