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Came across the RepRap Project about 2 months ago and decided right away that I would make my own Prusa. Researched and researched and am now just about done with my first build.

Here are some pictures:

Reprap frame.jpg

This is the beginnings of the build.


Here is my first RAMPS V1.2 board - have since upgraded to RAMPS V1.3

Heated Bed top.jpg Heated Bed bottom.jpg

My own heated bed - design based around Nophead's blog post on the subject.

Side View.jpg

Build is just about finished here - wiring motors... You can see a Sanguinololu here, but I'm not currently using it.


So this is it! I really need to do something about that wiring though...


Here will be a place that I'll be keeping track of some good external (or internal) links.

- Nophead's Blog

- Arcol Blog/Store

- Prusa Mendel Assembly

- PCPowerSupply

- RUG/Pennsylvania/State College