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Michael Orner's EDSGN 497J Blog

NASA Funding 3D Food Printer Research[1]

Its pretty cool to just be like i want pizza and a printer could hydrate powdered ingredients to make a pizza. I would imagine you could print it would something like an inkjet powder printer. The hydrating solution to the powder as the "ink" in the printer. The hard part in this would be the removal of the powder not used and the baking there after of the pizza on a heated plate. maybe there could be a nozzle similar to that of a laser deposition only instead of metal powder id be food powder and instead of a laser it would be a jet of water or oil that hydrate the powder and would become something like a paste at the tip.

3D printing: Employment Boom or Employment Swoon?

The article this post is about can be for here[2] . I agree with a lot of points made in this article. I think that 3D printing can create a ton of new jobs in the U.S. I don't think people in the manufacturing world have to worry too much about being able to find a job. I don't think that 3D printing will take over the manufacturing world. 3D printing bulk amounts of items would take far more time and money to produce then some of the other methods of manufacturing. Sometimes its more economical to make a lot at one time then products individually. I do however see 3D printing applications added to current manufacturing processes to improve, innovate, and repair current products. This would intern create new jobs. So I saying 3D printing will equal an employment boom.

Operation Status Edit

Here is the code to edit the Operation status for our printers. Copy and past under the Firmware section. Also have to change the bottom line in the Firmware section from </onlyinclude> to <noinclude>

Non-working Printer Code Thumb down.png


|Operation Status:


<!-- Operation Status -->

| [[File:Thumb down.png|frameless|25px]]


Working Printer Code Thumb uo.png


|Operation Status:


<!-- Operation Status -->

| [[File:Thumb ou.png|frameless|25px]]


Powder Bed Ponder

I have noticed that there are no desktop, consumer friendly printers. Not to mention at a price that could compete with Makerbots. It would be neat to come up with a prototype or actually a working model of this kind of idea. Just a thought. Happy printing.

Paste Extruder

After Tom Lauerman cam and talk to our class I have became more interested in paste extrusion. One good link I found was from richrap's blog [3]. His design is one of the best and easiest that I have found to make. This extruder uses a syringe and needle system to deliver the paste in the same way that normal plastic disposition occurs. This Is something i am very interested in working on after me and graham get our current Printer we are fixing working. Pictures of the extruder and examples of prints are posted below. The link to the parts to print this extruder is on thingiverse [4]

Extruder Components
Extruder Fully Assembled
3D printed Ceramic pot
3D printed chocolate bunny

Print The Legend

Netflix Movie "Print The Legend"

Over the weekend (10/11/2014), I watched the movie on Netflix Print the Legend. It is a documentary on the start-up of MakerBot and Formlabs. With a few interludes featuring Cody Wilson who is the guy that made the Liberator, The first 3D printed gun. It was interesting how MakerBot went from being completely open source and the driver of the 3D printing movement, comparing Bre Pettis to Steve Jobs, to becoming closed source and untimely selling out to Stratasys. Formlabs on the other hand is still in the beginnings and but are facing a lawsuit from Market Monsters, 3D Systems, who were the first to invent stereo-lithography back in the 80s. What I got out of watching this documentary was a better understanding of the market make up of 3D printing machines and lessons about start up dos and donts.

Class Work Blog

Progress.. Maybe

On October 22, 2014 I came to 312 to fix the brown and blue printer. The gear was loose that was attached to the motor shaft so I took off the motor and tighten the screw that holds it to the shaft. I then proceeded to print out some more pieces for the prusa i3 graham and I are making. During this print the hot tip clogged up multiple times. I would have to raise the z-axis extrude filament and push filament through until a smooth stream would come out.

Blood on the leaves (Reference to Kanye Song)

Tonight (10/20/2014) I spray painted the frame piece of the printer. Most of the pieces were black while the main cross section was painted "blood red" hence the name plus it's fall... It started to rain just as i was applying my last coat of black paint and it ruined one side. Ill have to finish it in the morning. He's a sneak peak of the frame. IMG 4805.png

New Beginning

Over the Weekend (10/18/2014) I cut out wood pieces for a Prusa i3 frame. I made the frame extra tall so that larger prints in the z direction could take place. Theoretical build volume is 450mm X 200mm X 200mm.

Brown and Blue 2.0

As of (10/16/2014) the brown and blue printer is up and running. The print quality on this printer is a lot better then that of the Yellow and Green Printer. HAPPY PRINTING!!

Brown and the "Blues"

The Brown and Blue printer is currently down. The heated tip is jammed so Graham and I are cleaning out the nozzle and repairing it to get it back to working condition.

Brown and Blue

Graham and I are currently working on the brown and blue printer (10/14/2014).

Yellow and Green Printer Working!!!

Graham and I have the yellow and green printer working. We had to finish assembling the extruder carriage, add a end-stop on the x axis, and plug in all the wires into the controller board. Once we got the printer fully assembled we ran a test piece. In the middle of a test print the printer shifted. To fix this issue we added heat sinks and adjusted the voltage going to eat motor. The Printer now seems fully functional and ready for our class's printing services. -posted 10/14/2014

August 26 - October 9

I am Currently working on the Yellow and Green printer in Hammond 312 at Penn State University.

Printer Links

Prusa i3 XL


I am currently (fall 2014) a junior in Mechanical and Nuclear double major at Penn State University. I am also trying to do minors in Econ and Engineering Entrepreneurship.

3D Printing Experience

I have made my own rep rap Mendel printer and currently do random projects in my spare time with it.


Unfortunately over the weekend of the 11 Of October 2014 while trying to do a print my thermistor on my machine's extruder broke and I need to get another one.

My Machine

Machine picture 3.jpg Machine picutre 2.jpg Machine picture 1.jpg

3D Printed Funnel

This funnel file was taken off thing-a-verse.

Funnel printing.jpg Funnel complete.jpg Funnel demo.jpg

Bracelet Attempt

The over hang on the design of the bracelet did not work for my printer.

Braclet attempt.jpg

3D Printed Glasses Frames

These glasses were designed by me on SolidWorks and then printed out on my printer

Printing glasses.jpg Glasses parts.jpg Me Glasses.jpg

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