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My name is Hamed Lashkari and I am currently a 3rd year master student studying Mining Engineering at Penn State.


Blog 1

Bubble frames.jpg

A: Something amazing and beautiful

I believe the most beautiful objects are the simple ones. What caught my attention is the printing process for the horizontal lines in the unsupported space. How 3D printer could do that?! Bubble Frames

A math/physics teacher could talk/teach a lot about the minimum surface with these bubble frames. I have been doing this for almost 2 years back in Iran.

B: Something funny or strange

In general, this creature is strange to me. I saw the similar versions in science-fiction movies. Making Spines and spikes should be challenging. Comura Articulatum
Top hat.jpg

C: Something useless

Fabric versions should be much better. I dont like to wear the printing materials touching my skin. Top Hat
Mustache belt buckle.jpg

D: Something useful

The design of belt buckle could be the signature of your character! Mustache Belt Buckle
RPi Case.jpg

E: Raspberry Pi case

Easy to fabricate and not so fancy! RPi Case

Blog Number Two

I am currently working on the gold printer in order to assemble and wrap up the electronics parts.

Secondly, I will do a quick research on how to add solar power system to the 3D printers. High power consumption of the monitor and providing AC power for the monitor from solar cells could be two main challenges of this project.

Besides to two above tasks, I will help Dr. Saint John on teaching/research side of class to figure out how to solve ongoing problems.