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Blog 1 (January, 18, 2013):

Exploring, I found some interesting creations.

Something useful: Shotgun/bottle Opener

Something useless: The Cat Bus

Something beautiful: Thayer Vase

Something funny: Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume

Something scary: Goey Monster

In response to this article:

I would consider myself a tinkerer, as an engineer this is an important skill to have. Many of my friends are engineers as well, so I would consider most of them to be fellow tinkerers. I don't like the corporate culture interfering with most aspects of my life, let alone my tinkerer abilities. Many young people today have similar feelings; I hope there will be a change in the future, giving that my peers do not just follow suit as soon as they get in any sort of power position.I also find it funny that Steve Jobs started as a tinkerer and his later products prove to be anti-tinkerer.

In response to this video:

I believe the principles Kelley pushed were diversity, intuition, and empathy for the consumer. We can definitely draw from these to improve our work in the 3D printing lab. We have already dug into diversity with our groups. Many of us have begun playing with the machines by pure intuition. We could develop empathy for the consumer by making the 3D printers easier to use and advertising to make the vocabulary more familiar to the public. It was neat to see Kelley has also jumped into the 3D printing world.