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About Me

I'm a senior at the College of William & Mary majoring in Biology. I've been building and fixing things my entire life, but now I want to design a tool that can make other tools. That seems to be a rapid prototyping machine.


I'm interesting in RepRap project because:

  • it's an open source project.
  • it can share a lot with robotic projects.
  • it seems to be the next logical step after 2d printing has become so ubiquitous.
  • it can revolutionize the economies of non-first world countries and allow people there to be competitive in the global market.

Work on Reprap

Frankly, I have never seen a 3d printer run. I have, however, worked very extensively with hand tools which are no more or less complicated than any individual piece of the RepRap. As a college kid, I specialize in making things cheaply. Tools, materials, products, all have to be cheap and compact.


I'd like to work on the Gada Prize. I think the RepRap needs a rather radical redesign to accommodate the restrictions of this competition, so I will work on designing a new 3d Printer from the ground (build surface?) up. I want the new machine to be extensible so it can start printing its own parts partway through its own construction.

Links I Like

Red Blue CNC