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Desktop with rapman
Desktop with rapman
rapman heated bed



I live in Belgrade, Serbia Work as high availability systems consultant (specialization databases:MySQL Cluster) Mine hobby is electronics & robotics, I use microchip, atmel and msp430 mcu's, xilinx cpld (coldrunnerII) and fpga (spartan3/3an), I have rapman that I heavily modified (from original parts I created another rapman that I "borrowed" to a friend). I made one Mendel that is modified for NEMA23 and one that uses NEMA17. For some whatever reason was asked to be part of core team in the first quarter of 2010 (of course I accepted).

I use reprap electronics:

  • PCB v3.0 from BFB
  • PCB v3.3 from BFB
  • breadboarded sanguno with polulu stepper drivers (not done yet)
  • custom atmel based pcb (not done yet)
  • custom multimcu based pcb (not done yet)
  • TB6560 board

For heated bed I use custom made electronics in combination with 500W of 2r2 resistors (5x100W linked in series powered with 75VAC trough moc3043+triak)


tel +38163243949 email arhimed [at] gmail [dot] com