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Desktop with rapman
Desktop with rapman
Desktop with rapman



I live in Belgrade, Serbia Work as high availability systems consultant (specialization databases:MySQL Cluster) Mine hobby is electronics & robotics, I use microchip, atmel and msp430 mcu's, xilinx cpld (coldrunnerII) and fpga (spartan3/3an), I have rapman that I heavily modified (from original parts I created another rapman that I "borrowed" to a friend). I made one Mendel that is modified for NEMA23 and one that uses NEMA17 I use reprap electronics:

  • PCB v3.0 from BFB
  • PCB v3.3 from BFB
  • breadboarded sanguno with polulu stepper drivers (not done yet)
  • custom atmel based pcb (not done yet)
  • custom multimcu based pcb (not done yet)
  • TB6560 board

For heated bed I use custom made electronics in combination with 500W of 2r2 resistors (5x100W linked in series powered with 75VAC trough moc3043+triak)