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3D Printers

Makerbot ToM

  • Upgraded to Stepstruder after DC motor died after 4 days.
  • Using ScribbleJ's MK5 Wades because the delrin plug was terrible with quick filament reversal.

Blue Prusa Mendel

This started out as an experiment to build a Prusa frame because I could print the parts and get the hardware for free from Ace Hardware (using Discover Card cash back bonus translated into Ace gift certificates at 125%). Of course it blossomed into a full printer:

  • Printed with the ToM from the git repo adjusted for SAE.
  • Makergear hybrid GrooveMount with heatcore hot end and 0.35mm nozzle in 1.75mm configuration. Also have a 0.5mm nozzle but I'm not even sure how you change them ;)
  • Filament pushed by the popular Accessible Wades and self-hobbed bolt.
  • Gen6 electronics running from a Dell laptop power supply (19.5V) with the firmware modified to reduce the duty cycle to the extruder head to compensate for the stock 6 ohm nichrome.
  • Steppers direct from Kysan 42BYGH4803
  • Using bronze bushings rather than printed PLA
  • Z couplers replaced with beefy ones meant for PLA although I printed them in ABS.
  • Eventually with power-resistor heated aluminum bed driven by a custom RS485 board for the Gen6 to talk to.