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About me

Hi! I'm from the suburbs of Chicago, which is a pretty far drive from State College! I decided to go to school here because I really liked the school and the campus and I don't regret that choice one bit! In high school I was involved with sports. I did cross country and track all four years, basketball for one year, and gymnastics for three. At PSU, I joined Club Track my freshman year and this year I'm on Club Cross Country.

I didn't come in to class knowing much (or really anything!) about 3-D printing but I definitely want to learn. I've already showed off a 3D printed lego to some of my friends and they were extremely impressed!


Book: Tuesday's With Morrie, Harry Potter Series, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Music genre: K-pop
TV show: Friends, Avatar: The Last Airbender
Movie: The Heart of Me, Fight Club, a lot of Disney movies
Actor/Role Model: Helena Bonham Carter
Sport: Track and Field