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Tronxy xy100 (Acrylic) 3D Printer

License: GPL source code missing, Prusa i3 derivative

A complete Prusa i3 kit, made in China of laser cut PMMA (acrylic)


My objective is not to sell them (170 Euros, plus post, shipping from Greece). Rather I look at what source is readily available (under the GPL or other open source license), what hardware is documented, and what upgrades and improvements can be made to the basic Tronxy xy100 that can be bought from me (taosubmarines at, off Ebay or Alibaba for less than 200 Euros/USD.


Control: Tronxy branded clone of a Melzi (9MKS MELZI control board V5_2.0) board indicates support for wiring in a heated bed, Bed or HotBed wire connector as indicated, this upgrade indicates probable need to replace power supply with recommended 30Amp for the said heated bed.

Firmware: Can be overwritten with Arduino based code ie Marlin or Repetier firmware, example for other model- a random search for Tronxy at, but see below a for specific suggestion.

Hotend: E3d_hotend all metal hotend, cloned in China, license of the original prevents commercial resale! Ideal path, replace with a Chinese made Budaschnozzle, GPL license.

Stepper motor: NEMA_Motor, 5 in number, fairly low power. Tronxy branded; 2.21kg/cm power, compared to 4 or 5kg/cm torque for high power motors that can be bought for 18 euros each.

42R3484-23 x1 piece; NEMA 23 profile

42H4054-16 x1 piece; NEMA 16 profile

42H3454-23 x3 piece; NEMA 23 profile

Upgrade and update route

1/ Consider altering firmware to open-source, once you have assembled the kit, are printing, and are happy using the hardware and Chinese firmware. Note that flashing, (writing program to the Arduino), will delete the manufacturers programming... So find a backup online beforehand, MartyMoose.

2i/ Tronxy user group on Thingiverse

2/ Fablab NBG have done a good job of writing specifics. Update the Cura firmware. Increase the print area with printed and laser-cut parts. With the modfications described, the print area can be extended from 120mm x 140mm to 155mm x 160mm.

3/ Install a Heated Bed and required 30 Amp Power Supply PSU. Todo: source files for 150 X 160 or 150mm heated bed. Search internet to buy a ready made product or otherwise scipt a hack to the Heated Bed to make the MK2 Heated Bed smaller in size simply by specifying desired board size in a script. This script will then resize much of the board while leaving the LED and other soldering holes and dimensions the original -required size. This heated bed will facilitate printing of ABS Nylon PP and other higher temperature filaments.

4/ For much more rigidity in the Frame_material, consider repacing the Acrylic frame (the big piece of Acrylic) with a wooden box frame.

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Text (and image) license: DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE v2, December 2004 (or later version) [1]