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Thick Sheets on a Mendel Prusa

The thick sheet is a firm flat sheet of material 4mm - 6mm thick used as a printing surface or as a mount for a printing surface. A variety of materials have been used, but the most important property is that it must be flat.


Material Description
MDF (Medium Density Fibre Board) Definitely best as it laser cuts or saws easily and is usually very flat. It is also cheap.
Plywood A good option if you require extra strength in your machine, but is harder to work with, either with a saw or a laser cutter. If using polymer make sure it is flat.
Polymer (Countertop Material) Flatness is very important with this material. Cast polymer is the flattest, but may not laser cut as well as extruded polymer. Extruded polymer is typically not flat. When storing sheets always store them face down on a flat surface. Stacking them at an angle on their side will ruin their flatness.
Fire Retardant Plywood An inexpensive option, usually used in large quantities for large scale cement casting. It is much flatter than MDF and can be gotten from a local hardware store.
Acrylic Easily laser-cut, inexpensive, and easy to obtain. However, can be warped by heat from a heated build plate.
Tempered Masonite Similar to MDF

Thick Sheet Cutting Dimensions

For the Prusa Mendel:

  • 225mm×225mm print top plate
  • 140mm×225mm print bottom plate

Note: The new iteration two design only uses a single thick sheet mounted directly onto the smooth rods.

For the Mendel:

Prusa Mendel Thick Sheet Laser-cut Designs

Description Link to design Image
Prusa Mendel Wooden Printbed
by bohne Bohne.jpg

Mendel Thick Sheet Laser-cut Designs

Description Link to design Image
Sells Mendel Y-Axis LM8UU
by jv4998 Squishedlm8uu.jpg
Squished Frog
by nophead