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Language Issue/s on this page!
This article needs translation into English.

This article is written in a language other than English. As it is intended for readers from the RepRap community , it should be contributed first and foremost in English. Alternate translations are encouraged, but an English translation is required. Please see the layout and translations of the http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Main_Page as an example of how this should be achieved. in short you should follow these conventions: If your page is called XXXXX, and is not in english, please do the following:

  • add a languages header to the page: 'Languages'
  • copy the non-english content from the "primary" page to the appropriate language page, eg if your content is in Deutsch move the content from XXXXX to XXXXX/de
  • revise the original XXXXX page to be english-only, except for the "Languages" header.