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Working Notes

Below is an incomplete list of the variations of the various systems of a RepRap or RepStrap. Of course any system goes through an infinte number of variations as it is developed, so only variations that resulted in a printed "Mini Mug" are recorded. This information serves to direct future generations of machines as they are developed. Also it serves as a historical reference

Machine Name (Builder) Thumbnail Last Entry Update Total Estimated Cost Electronics System Variation Linear Guide Variation Cartesian Robot Variation Extruder Variation Most Expensive Tool Required Average Time Between Failures What Would The Builder Change Print Volume Time to print Mini Mug Accuracy
Darwin (Adrian Bowyer)
09Dec09 (Info Unconfirmed) €350 Gen 2 (Arduino) Bushings (Unknown Matl) Cartesian Frame, Vertical on Bottom, XY on top Thermoplast V 1 Electric Drill 30 Days See Mendel 20cm x 20cm?? .75 Hrs  ?

Template Example

http://objects.reprap.org/wiki/Template:Artifact Example usage: http://objects.reprap.org/wiki/Artifacts/Adze

(Maybe Machine Statistics should be transcluded or part of Template:Project or Template:Machine?)