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The original version of this page was a step-by-step breakdown of a new user/s experiences using and setting up a 'YesRap'. It doesn't ( as far as I can tell ) contain any useful or new information, andf just looks more like a "blog" entry. ( which this wiki is not ).

Here's the english translation of the page ( by google translate ):


I will build is a YesRap wikis, the goal is to help just buy YesRap machine.

Reader characteristics

A reading English difficult

Unskilled use the search engine, feels like a needle in a haystack.

Contents [hide]

   11 wait for the courier
   22 Express arrival
   33 is first powered up before
   44 use ProntrFace
   5 Pronterface word list
   65 software and check the machine
   76 to prepare supplies
   8 expulsion of noise
   97 use Slic3r
   1072 expansion of the G-code 

1 wait for the courier

3D printer is still in transit, however, you can do the preparatory work.

A place the printer table tops, you can use our box. Box 5-layer corrugated surface can load 30Kg, and flatness of good :)

2 power supply socket power plug photos

3 computer or laptop

4 software to download and install

Front-end software PrintRun alias: ProntrFace download:

Slicer Slic3r

USB Driver

Python Runtime

5 familiar with the software

6 2 express the arrival

20 unboxing before, please check the packaging integrity.

21 Packing List

A printer

Switching power supply P2 has been integrated into the inside of the printer

1.5 m 3 USB cable, shielded wire, ring

410 meters ABS supplies color random

22 Remove the printer, the polyurethane foam can be destroyed

23 machine on the workbench

24 removal of the transport bundled

 24.1 cut all ties, removed to a total of 11 cut after.
            24.2 remove the Z-axis yellow fasteners, a total of four.
            24.3 Remove the glass blue tape, a total of four segments 

3 before the first powered

32 If necessary, the Please retighten X-timing belt, Y timing belt

33 in the Y direction, manually move the aluminum, should not be impaired, enabling the Y-home effectively.

34 in the X direction, manually move the aluminum should not be impaired, enabling the X-home.

35 in the Z direction, be able to see the Z-Home switch. Please note: There may have to adjust the position of the Z-Home Switch, you need a screwdriver.

36 understanding of the main control board (please help me to make plans to illustrate. 0706Feng)

36.1 to find the location of the USB interface, plug in the USB cable

36.2 to find the location of SD card adapter

36.3 find the Reset button 4 use ProntrFace

ProntrFace is a front-end software used to control and monitor the printer, so use it to check and debug your printer is very convenient if the printer is all normal, and you have the SD card, then do not use ProntrFace. Interesting: This The Software alias: PrintrRun.

41 connected to the USB cable, connect the printer and your computer.

42 download and install the USB driver

The following problems awaiting verification, is finishing ....

Question 1: Should the exchange of the order of 41, 42 of?

A: I installed before the time is not recorded, the lack of a new machine environment, please help ... Thank you so much ..

Question 2: is applicable on different operating systems?

A: Win7, 64bit can be applied.

43 to download and run Prontrface

Pronterface word table

Load File: to transferred STL or gCode file.

Compose: the structural STL or gCode of files, you can merge multiple STL files.

Monitor Printer: monitor the printer's temperature T = temperature of the extrusion head B = heating bed temperature.

Extrude: extrusion. Can command forward extrusion extruder supplies.

Reverse: reverse. Command extruder reverse is generally used to replace the consumables. Pronterface word table 5 to use the software to check machine 6 ready supplies Expulsion of noise 7 use Slic3r 72 expansion of the G-code


8 use Skeinforge

81 simple configuration Skeinforge

82 exploration Skenforge

10 printing

The 1001 Qiaojiao.

1002 printing, I heard the sound of bubbles bursting

1003 nozzle was blocked

11 product warranty