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I will like the "extension connector" on the Teensylu I have ordered. - But I will not want to prototype with a bread board. I will want to have 4 additional Stepper drivers and 2 additional heating MosFets and 1 additional Fan MosFet and 2 additional thermal sensors. I will want to have a second Teensylu board without Microcontroller as an expansion of my Teensylu. - Please, put links into the Teensylu article if there is any such "simple standard extension" board available. - Please, also descibe an easy way to do it by "abusing" a seconad Teensylu board as "simple Teensylu extension" board.

Microstepping jumper

Even though it might be obvious there is missing the jumper configuration for microstepping. just for the sake of completeness --Ianmcmill 17:37, 21 September 2014 (GMT+1)