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I have purchased this expander x2 and am looking to upgrade my anet a8 to 3 colors. I have everything hooked up, the 5v light is even on, only unsure of one thing, and with me being realatively new I dont want to blow my board. as far as the vmot and grnd, where on the ramps board should they be connected to? 12v-aux? and any help with defining pins would be righteous.

There is no 12V source on the RAMPS board, suitable to power extra stepper drivers. The RAMPS board only has digital and analog pins on the Aux ports.
The Expander needs its own 12V wires, directly from the power supply.
and only the control signals go from the RAMPS Aux ports, to the control pins on the expander board.
-- MrAlvin (talk) 14:58, 5 July 2020 (EDT)